Trout in the Classroom

This classroom project for Mrs. Rhodes and Mr. Stoner is sponsored by a grant from TEF.

Our fish are really growing. If possible, please donate a gallon of distilled water for the fish tank. The distilled water helps us maintain better water quality for the trout.

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The JBMS TIC participation in the Trout in the Classroom program was made possible through grant funding (Sport Fishing and Aquatic Resource Education Grant, PA Council of Trout Unlimited, and PA Department of Education), brook trout eggs and technical assistance provided by PA Council of Trout Unlimited and PA Fish and Boat Commission. We would also like to thank Bio-Oregon foods for donating their high quality food for Pennsylvania TIC this year!

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Trout Across America Research Links

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Trout species -
Montana Trout/Fish -
US Fish & Wildlife links - Find the state (or states) where your trout is located, click on the state's fish page and look for more information.

Individual Trout Links
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King Salmon - (Also Called Chinook)
Sockeye Salmon -
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Steelhead Trout -
Silver Trout -
Gila Trout

  • Mr. Stoner's Aquarium: Total Received 405 - Current Count - Alive 333 / Dead 72
  • Mrs. Rhodes' Aquarium: Total Received 430 - Current Count - Alive: 348 / Dead 82

2014-2015 Trout in the Classroom
Trout Life Cycle Stages
Eyed Eggs Shipped -November 5, 2012
Tender period (green eggs)
From 48 hours to eye up stage
No handling of eggs for approximately 29 days
Eye up or eyed eggs: Life cycle stage that classrooms receive
Approximately 29 days from spawning
Can now handle eggs (Shipping out to classrooms)
Approximately 44 days from spawning day
November 11th - November 16th
Depending on tank water temperatures. The warmer the water the faster they hatch.
Yolk sac absorbed/swim up fry
Approximately 28 days from hatch date to swim up
December 9th – 14th: Depending on tank water temperatures
Begin feeding trout who have absorbed their yolk sac and are looking for food
*Fry to Fingerling
Approximately 3-4 weeks after the swim up stage
December 30th - January 11th
4+ weeks
January 11th and on.....
Release date

Usually in May
· Fry = trout less than one inch
· Fingerling = trout one inch or larger


  • This picture was taken on 12/5/12 of three Trout Sac Fry where there are two trout sharing the same yolk sac. These trout will probably die in a few weeks. They will have difficulty swimming and will not be able to feed properly.Mrs. Rhodes's Classroom Tank from 2012/2013.
Two-headed and curved backs.jpg Two-headed.jpg
2010/2011 Trout in the Classroom Project
Mrs. Rhodes' Fish Picture
Mr. Stoner's Classroom Tank from 2010/2011
Mr. Stoner's Fish Picture
Hydration Game
Water Festival Game