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Virtual Deer Aging quiz -

Franklin County Science Fair Materials

* Remember you must show Mrs. Rhodes your question, hypothesis, and procedures before registering for the Franklin County Science Fair.

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Environmental Science

Chapter 1 Vocab on Quizlet

C1S1 Vocab on Quizlet
C1S2 Vocab on Quizlet
C1S3 Vocab on Quizlet
C1S4 Vocab on Quizlet

Animal Adaptations 1
Animal Adaptations 2
Plant Adaptations - Read and Understand How/Why Plants need adaptations too!
Charles Darwin Exploration
Prairie Ecosystem Animals Plants

PA Game Commission Wildlife Articles - Click on the animal you would like to learn more about. We read the Elk article in class.
Aging Whitetail Deer by their teeth -
A guide for aging Whitetail Deer -

Endangered Species Act -

1. View Natural Selection
2. View Edpuzzle videos

3/13/15 - Succession Simulation - Open the following simulations and complete the levels of primary and secondary simulations.

Succession Simulation #1
Succession Simulation #2

Whooping Crane Information -
Whooping Crane video

Chapter 2 Vocab on Quizlet
C2S1 Vocab on Quizlet
C2S2 Vocab on Quizlet
C2S3 Vocab on Quizlet
C2S4 Vocab on Quizlet
C2S5 Vocab on Quizlet
All 5 Vocab Sections Together on Quizlet

Food Webs

1. Food Webs – Gould League – There are four different ecosystems represented that students may use to build a food web.
2. Fun with Food Webs
3. Food Web (a short cartoon video and quiz)
4. Food Chain Crossword Puzzle
5. Food Chain Puzzle
6. Web of Life – Read the instructions carefully. This game takes a little while to play.
7. Food Chains – This simulation shows how food chains change overtime. It also shows how species are dependent upon each other.
8. Producer, Consumers, and Decomposers – Play the game
9. Food Chain – Play the game

Energy Pyramid - Tutorial

Water Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, and Carbon/Oxygen Cycle

Water Cycle -
Learn parts of the water cycle -
Play this Game -
Learn More about the water cycle -
Learn about the Nitrogen Cycle

Yellowstone Website Scavenger Hunt

Endangered/Extinct Species


Convert Celsius to Fehrenheit:

Chapter 3 Vocabulary Definitions

C3S1 Vocabulary Definitions
C3S2 Vocabulary Definitions
C3S3 Vocabulary Definitions

Tree Cookie Information -

Socrative - Link

Trout in the Classroom

Fieldscope -

MOS - Lesson 2 - Impervious Surfaces

5/1/12 - Click Here to check your Water Cycle Drawing -

5/1/12 - Introduction Video of Impervious Surfaces - viewed on 5/2/12 -
Ideas to reduce impervious surfaces (use these links to answer your Lesson 2 Reflection Questions):
~ Rain Garden -
~ Rain Barrels -
~ Green Roofs -
~ Permeable Driveways -,,20353222,00.html

Lesson 5 - Conversion

Use this worksheet for Tuesday's class

Mrs. Rhodes' Classroom Extras

Earth's Waters - Chapter 1 Vocabulary links

Chapter 1, Section 1 Vocabulary - C1S1 Quizlet
Chapter 1, Section 2 Vocabulary - C1S2 Quizlet
Chapter 1, Section 3 & 4 Vocabulary - C1S3 & 4 Quizlet
Chapter 1, Section 5 Vocabulary - C1S5 Quizlet


Watershed Puzzle -
Stream Cleaner -

Water Links
Watch Video of the Water Cycle -

Embrology Unit

The Virtual Farm - click on the chicken for embryology section

Embryonic Development - click on the link for a power point presentation

Water Cycle

Watch Video of the Water Cycle -
Water Cycle quiz on 5/16/11 -

Stormwater & Impervious Surfaces

Read the articles on these pages.
Complete Lesson 2 Reflection Questions (handout from Mrs. Rhodes

Moon Phases