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‚ÄčCheck out our Trout in the Classroom page for updates - If possible, please bring in a gallon jug of distilled water for our trout fish tank.

TWEP Summer Camp registration forms

6th Grade Class Trip to Washington, DC Questions - Add any information you would like to ask the class advisers about this potential trip. We would like to have the form with your child's shirt size returned to us by March 4 and transportation money is due May 1. Parent chaperones do not need to pay the transportation fee. Click here to view the handout.

Cool Web Cams:
Eagle Nest Cams: PA Game Commission Cambridge, MD Pittsburgh,
Peregrine Falcon on 15th floor ledge of the Rachel Carson building, in Harrisburg, PA.

You can also access of the science links on Mrs. Rhodes' MOODLE page (students will need their username and passwords to access the moodle).
You can sign-up for text notifications from Mrs. Rhodes about assignments or 6th Grade events. Click here for more information.

Monday: Study C1 vocab; 5.18.15 Daily Agenda
Tuesday: C1S3 RR, page 14; 5.19.15 Daily Agenda
Wednesday: C1S3 RR, page 14; 5.20.15 Daily Agenda

C1S1 Text for Guided Reading Just a reminder . . . you need to be logged into your school's gmail account _ _ _ _@tusge.org; password 1_ _ _ _ _ _
C1S2 Text for Guided Reading
C1S3 Text for Guided Reading
C1S4 Text for Guided Reading
C1S5 Text for Guided Reading

Mrs. Rhodes' Social Studies: none

Mrs. Swope - Math
Monday: Complete review
Tuesday: Complete review
Wednesday: Complete review
Thursday: Complete review
Friday: Complete review
149/Social Studies:

Ms. Plotner - Reading

Monday: Read 100 pages by Wednesday
Tuesday: Read 100 pages by Wednesday
Wednesday: Read 100 pages by Wednesday
Thursday: Read 100 pages by Wednesday
Friday: Read 100 pages by Wednesday

145/Social Studies:

__Mr. Kriner - English__

Monday: Study vocab
Tuesday: Study vocab
Wednesday: Study vocab
Thursday: Study vocab
Friday: Study vocab

147/Social Studies:


Art - none
Tech Ed -
Library Science - Shelf Finder Game Destiny Library Google Search Help Quizlet Set - Print sources
Music -
Digital Apps - Read the booklet